Overheard on Set: Into the Woods

Photo by Helen Sloan

Photo by Helen Sloan

Ah, Craster’s Keep. Deep in the woods of a private estate north of Belfast, in at least six feet of mud (OK, inches), is the resilient set of the last wildling outpost before the Wall. It’s a strange set – with semi-permanent snow dressing, you do feel as if the temperature has dropped once you walk into the white-washed trees, even in the rare sun of late summer. 

We’re shooting nights again this year and sometimes that leads to unusual early-hour conversations.

"Just be aware there are two bodies in the car, yeah?"

"Careful where you step, you’ll rip the snow."

"They could really have their own show, ‘Chickens on Tour.’"

"Anyone seen the sword blood?"

Overheard on Set: The Pre-Production Meeting

The pre-production meeting is a chance for all the department heads to get together with the producers and discuss what are likely to be the challenges and requirements for a particular episode. Generally lead by the 1st AD, the script will be broken down scene by scene and each one analysed for potential questions or difficulties. For example has the location be confirmed? Are there enough of a certain type of costume for the numbers in a scene, and will our cast need any training for a particular sequence. On a show like Game of Thrones, that tends to lead to some rather unusual conversations.

“We’re going to be killing the stuntmen 3 times each at least, so we’ll need to look at beards and hair.”

“They do say an owl is twice as hard to do as the eagle, and you know what that was like.”

“There is no silent wind, only noise wind.”

“We can’t tube the silent wind across?”


Overheard on Set: Prisons, Mud and Caves

By Cat Taylor

“All I’m saying is, if you had to choose between a basement prison and a Sky-cell, I’d go cell. I mean, it least it would have a view.

“What is the deal with this mud? It’s had a year to dry out and it’s still a bloody sinkhole.”

“Dude – you are in Belfast, there is no such thing as a year of drying out.”

 “Can I borrow your torch?”

“Why do you need a torch, we are inside and there’s a huge lightening rig like 30 feet above us.”

“Not in the cave set there isn’t. There might be something in there.”

“No more Batman movies for you.”

Extras Say the Darndest Things . . .


By Cat Taylor

We couldn’t possibly have our show without the extras. They are the handmaidens, the guards, the peasants and the men of the Wall. Sometimes more than one. They can be both Lannister Guards and Stark Bannermen, or sailors from the Iron Islands and merchants in King’s Landing. They stand for hours in the cold, spend days running through the same field over and over again, dying on command and acting hilarious. To our extras, I salute you!

One extra to another: “I will sword you.”

In the tea tent: “Forget the Baratheons! We must guard the cake. We ARE the chocolate cake guard.”

During a fight: AD: “Can you move to your left?” Soldier: “I can’t. I haven’t got my glasses on.”

Overheard on Set: Robb’s Camp

By Cat Taylor


One of the most fantastic things about being on a show such as GOT is that you find yourself in places you would never expect to be – castles? Check. The Wall? Check. Battlefields? Check, check, check. It comes as no surprise then that you tend to overhear some pretty crazy stuff during filming, things that would normally be discussed only by sociopaths and murders. While we do have plenty of both as characters, our crew is actually not at all murderous. And I’m at least reasonably confident that there aren’t any sociopaths hiding around here …

Can I have a dead Lannister over here?

Oh F**k, this is the bad blood! Where’s the good stuff? The ooze?

Errmm, I think I’ve lost the director.

I can’t decide who’s cuter – the dead guy with the arrows in his chest, or the guy in the ditch with the seeping wound.

A REMINDER ABOUT SPOILERS: In the comments, please avoid mentioning or alluding to any events from the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ books that haven’t occurred on the television series. All the fans experiencing this story for the first time will appreciate it!

Dispatches From The Seven Kingdoms: Corpses and Horses

By Bryan Cogman

BELFAST, Northern Ireland - Some more quotes recently overheard on the "GoT" set:


"You're tall like I'm small."

"Uh-oh, his leg's shaking...he's angry."

"Can we move that corpse to the right? As close to the horse as is safe..."

"Ánha tih mahrazhés fin kásha chakát karlín. That sound right?"

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