Dispatches From The Seven Kingdoms: Speaking Dothraki


By Bryan Cogman

MANIKATA, Malta - Man, it's hot today.  And the flies!  The flies are showing me no mercy.  What is it about me that attracts these creatures??  Today we're in a small, picturesque farming village called Manikata, which has been transformed into the Village of the Lhazareen.  I'm here with the Dothraki horde; they've just raided the village and are looting it for spoils.  Typical Tuesday at 'Game of Thrones' really.

Today's scene is notable in that it's almost entirely spoken in "Dothraki."  While there are bit and pieces of the Dothraki tongue in the books, our linguist (David Peterson, of the Language Creation Society) has created a complete language for the show.  Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo) is spitting out a particularly vicious bit of dialogue now as he confronts an insubordinate warrior.

Until next time, friends,

Eyél várthasoe she ilekaán ríkhoya arrekaán vékha vósi yeroón vósma tolórro!