Dispatches From The Seven Kingdoms: Delayed Missives



By Bryan Cogman

Helen Sloan / HBO

BELFAST, Northern Ireland - In Winterfell today, the ancient stronghold of the Stark family (the main protagonists of the series).  Looming above me: the Tower of the First Keep. A few feet to my left: The Great Hall. And next to that: Catelyn's bedchamber.  Not to mention a sea of cameras, cords and equipment as I'm actually in the Painthall.

A pair of scenes being shot in Bran's bedchamber today, featuring one of our young heroes, Issac Hempstead-Wright.  He's sitting next to me now, during a break, discussing football with Tyrion's stand-in.

Before we continue: I'm going to be vigilant about not spoiling any major story points for those of you who haven't read the books on which our series is based.  That said, it'll be impossible to write these dispatches without discussing some of the story, so if you want to come to the series 100% fresh...read with extreme caution.

We've been filming now for over a month and have shot quite a bit in that short amount of  time - the majority of Episodes IV and V, in fact, and a good amount of Episode III.  I thought I'd use these first dispatches to share some highlights from the shoot so far.  All the entries have been back-dated accordingly and appear below.  You can start reading the first catch-up post here.

Until next time, friends,

Fire and Blood!

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