The guy who is Jon Snow. And Bronn. And Jaime Lannister …


By Cat Taylor

One of the main reasons for GOT’s success is down to the excellent and experienced crew, which has a few characters of its own. Throughout the season, I’ll introduce you to a selection of the more unusual positions on the crew and hopefully explain some of the things you’ve seen on the credits, but never really known what that role entails.

First up: Stand in.

Graeme Livingston

Stand-in/Trainee AD

Dragon Unit

N. Ireland

Job Description: “The actors rehearse a scene with the director, and I watch. The actors are then taken off to hair, costume and make up. The lighting, sound and camera departments then set up for the shot, using me as a reference for the actors’ placing, distance from the camera and mics – that sort of thing.”

Strangest Moment on Set: “Talking at length about the Star Wars movies with another AD and the conversation being picked up by the director Neil Marshall and his First AD Gerry Gavigan, who actually worked on the original Star Wars. Surreal!”

Favorite GOT character: “Tyrion, without a doubt.  He’s incredibly smart and really funny. As a person Peter is a really great guy, but in the series he’s definitely the most fun to watch.”

A Hint About Season 2: “There’s been quite a lot of sword fighting in this season, a lot more than last one. There’s a lot more combat. Anything with a sword fight keeps me happy. And a bit of blood.”