Official Pronunciation Guide for 'Game of Thrones'



Our on-set correspondent Bryan Cogman has already covered his adventures with "MAY-ster vs. MY-ster," but what about the dozens of other debatable pronunciations in Game of Thrones?  Sure, no one's too confused by "Ned Stark" or "Jon Snow," but what about Ser Barristan Selmy and the city of Asshai?  For the right answers, look no further than the official pronunciation guide assembled by the production team:

Aerys Targaryen - AIR-eez Tar-GAIR-ee-in
Alliser Thorne - AL-iss-er THORNE
Arya Stark - ARE-yuh STARK
Barristan Selmy - BAIR-iss-tin SELL-mee
Benjen Stark - BEN-jin STARK
Catelyn Stark - CAT-lin STARK ("cat" like the animal)
Cersei Lannister - SER-see LAN-iss-ter
Daenerys Targaryen - Duh-NAIR-iss Tar-GAIR-ee-in
Eddard Stark - ED-dard STARK
Gendry - GEN-dree (hard "g")
Gregor Clegane - Gre-GOR Cli-GAIN
Hodor - HO-dor
Hoster Tully - HOSS-ter TULL-ee
Illyrio - Il-LEAR-ee-oh
Ilyn Payne - ILL-in PAIN
Irri - I-ree
Janos Slynt - JA-nos SLINT
Jeor Mormont - JEE-or MORE-mont
Joffrey Baratheon - JOFF-ree Buh-RATH-ee-un
Jon Arryn - JON AIR-in
Jorah Mormont - JOR-uh MORE-mont
Jory Cassel - JOR-ee Cuss-EL
Khal Drogo - KHAL DRO-go
Loras Tyrell - LOR-us TI-rul
Lysa Arryn - LIE-ssa AIR-in
Maester Luwin - MAY-ster LOO-win
Maester Pycelle - MAY-ster PY-sell
Myrcella Baratheon - Mer-SELL-uh Buh RATH-ee-un
Nymeria - Nigh-MEER-ee-uh
Petyr Baelish - PEE-ter BAY-lish
Pyp - PIP
Qotho - QUO-tho
Renly Baratheon - REN-lee Buh-RATH-ee-un
Rhaegar Targaryen RAY-gar Tar-GAIR-ee-in
Rickon Stark - RICK-on STARK
Rodrik Cassel - RAH-drick Cuss-EL
Samwell Tarly - SAM-well TAR-lee
Sandor Clegane - SAN-dore Cli-GAIN
Sansa Stark - SAHN-suh STARK
Septa Mordane - SEP-ta Mor-DAIN
Syrio Forel - SEER-ee-o For-EL
Theon Greyjoy - THEE-on GRAY-joy
Tommen Baratheon - TAH-min Buh-RATH-ee-un
Tyrion Lannister - TEER-ee-un LAN-iss-ter
Tywin Lannister - TIE-win LAN-iss-ter
Varys - VAIR-iss
Viserys Targaryen - Vi-SAIR-iss Tar-GAIR-ee-in
Walder Frey - WALL-der FRAY
Waymar Royce - WAY-mar ROYCE
Yoren - YOR-in

Asshai - Uh-SHY
Braavos - BRA-vos
Essos - ESS-os
Eyrie - EAR-ee
Harrenhal - HAIR-in-hall
Pentos - PEN-tos
Qarth - QUARTH
Sept of Baelor - SEPT OF BAY-lor
Vaes Dothrak - VIE-iss Doth-RACK
Westeros - WES-te-ros

Andals - AN-dals
arakh - Ah-rock
Dothraki - Doth-RACK-ee
khalasar - KHAL-uh-ssar
Khaleesi - Khal-EE-see
Ser - SAIR
Tyroshi - Ti-ROH-shee
Valyrian - Vuh-LEER-ee-un