Which ‘Game of Thrones’ Character Deserves the Most Sympathy?


By Steve Marzolf

Sunday’s episode took a close look at a few “cripples, bastards and broken things,” but there’s definitely enough suffering in Westeros to go around. Who do you think is most in need of a good hug?


1.  Jorah Mormont

He’s been exiled, dishonored and now suffers a snot-nosed young “king” – all because his wife had too much love for the bling.

2. Samwell Tarly

The only way to escape being murdered by his father was to journey to the Wall and be repeatedly bludgeoned by the men of the Night’s Watch.

3. The Hound

His face is horrifying, his brother’s a homicidal maniac and his prepubescent boss treats him like an unwanted pet.

4. Septa Mordane

Two words: Sansa Stark.

Write-in candidates are whole-heartedly welcomed …