Battle for the Iron Throne


By Steve Marzolf

‘Battle for the Iron Throne,’ the official Facebook game for ‘Game of Thrones’ has launched, and in the spirit of friendly competition (READ: You win or you die), the ‘Making Game of Thrones’ team faced off to see who could post the highest score. We all knew Bryan Cogman had a leg up on the knowledge portion, but who could guess that he’s such a killer with a digital sword?


High Scores

12486... Bryan Cogman (‘Game of Thrones’ story editor and MGOT blogger)

10887... Emily Giannusa (social media and marketing assoc. manager)

10869... Jim Marsh (social media and marketing manager)

10087... Lynn Kim (designer)

10022... Paul Sacchetti (online producer)

9962... Steve Marzolf (online editor)