What Town in Westeros Would Make the Best Vacation Spot?


By Steve Marzolf

Sure, your Memorial Day travel plans are probably more Jersey Shore than Dothraki Sea, but what if all of Westeros were available for a weekend of barbecuing and family fun? Which destination would you choose?



Welcoming of visitors and full of rustic charm, the North’s premier destination is a great place to take refuge (unless you’ve recently deserted the Night’s Watch).

The Eyrie

Escape to mind-clearing solitude and pristine mountain views. Just be aware that the political climate here has gotten a bit … unpredictable.

King’s Landing

Whether you’re looking for luxurious city living or just a “bowl of brown” at the local pot shops, this Southern capital has it all.

Castle Black

Living amongst thieves and rapists requires a bit of adjustment, but you won’t find anything more spectacular than the Wall anywhere in the Seven Kingdoms.  

Write-in candidates are strongly encouraged. For inspiration, check the Viewer’s Guide map.