Who’s Doing a Better Job of Raising Their Children to Survive in Westeros – Ned or Cersei?


By Steve Marzolf

Ned Stark


The Good:

- Indoctrinates Bran with important family traditions, such as fearing winter and beheading deserters

- Plies the family connections to land Jon a new career, even though he’s a lowly bastard

The Bad:

- Thinks he can buy Sansa’s love just by giving her a fancy toy

- Adopts a decidedly blasé attitude toward Arya’s love of deadly weapons

Cersei Baratheon


The Good:

- Possesses a deep love for her son Joffrey (though given her standards for appropriate family relations, this could be problematic …)

- Supports her son’s lifestyle choices: “If you want to f**k painted whores, then you’ll f**k painted whores. And if you want to lie with noble virgins, then that’s what you’ll do.”

The Bad:

- Doesn’t seem to spend much quality time with Tommen or Myrcella

- Has a documented history of attempting to murder children. 

Post your answers in the comments (but please avoid spoilers for those who haven’t read the books).