'The Pointy End' Draws Plenty of Blood


By Steve Marzolf


In classic form, George R.R. Martin writes an episode, and bodies start dropping left and right. The Lannisters shred through the whole of the Stark guard at King’s Landing. Arya sticks an uncooperative stable boy with Needle. And Khal Drogo finally gets the fight he’s been spoiling for, ripping out Mago’s tongue in a move that makes the wine-selling assassin’s death look like an amusement park ride.


Life in the North is looking particularly bleak this week, with wights arriving just as all the men who could fight them off charge south for war. Osha recognizes the danger, but it’s doubtful that she – or any of us – will ever be able to speak again after Hodor’s big scene (which at least one person was nervously expecting).

The question remains whether Ned will be able to wiggle his family’s way out of Cersei’s clutches. If only he had some sort of Magic 8-Ball that could tell him what to do ...

  • If you were Ned at this moment, what would you do?
  • Did Robb make the wrong call by releasing the Lannister scout?
  • Do you think Syrio was killed, or will he live to fight another day?

A NOTE ON SPOILERS: In the comments, please avoid mentioning or alluding to any events from the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ books that haven’t occurred on the television series. All the fans experiencing this story for the first time will appreciate it!