The Five Best Moments From GOT 's Comic-Con Panel


By Steve Marzolf

Thursday's 'Game of Thrones' panel at Comic-Con was one of the hottest tickets in San Diego – and the lucky fans who waited in a line of thousands to hear the cast and creators banter didn't leave disappointed. George R.R. Martin led the discussion, which quickly ventured into hardcore fan territory:

  1. When Martin asked Jason Momoa who would win in a fight between Khal Drogo and the actor's other fantasy counterpart, Conan the Barbarian, Momoa shot back: "Drogo would kick Conan's ass. In fact, if Drogo were here, he'd probably say something like [screams in Dothraki for 10 seconds]. But since there's no subtitles, you don't know what the f**k I just said."
  1. During the Q&A segment of the session, a fan asked Kit Harington whether he knew who Jon Snow's mother was. Admitting he'd already let a spoiler slip earlier in the day by accident, Harington stonewalled, saying, "No. I have no idea. I can't fill you in there." Martin added: "If he did know, I'd have to kill him."
  1. Show creator David Benioff explained that he first contacted Momoa after seeing a fan recommendation on "No offense," Benioff told the actor, "but I hadn't heard of you. I hadn't kept up on my 'Baywatch.' " Benioff went on to explain that Momoa delivered a killer audition, which ended with the actor ripping his shirt off and dancing the Maori haka. "Once Jason approves it, it's going on the DVD," Benioff promised.
  1. When a fan wanted to know whether the author felt any remorse about killing off beloved characters, Martin responded, "I mourn all the characters as I kill them. Particularly the viewpoint characters, because I kind of climb inside their skins to make them seem human and write about them very personally. I've been writing about some of these characters for 20 years. So it makes it very hard when I do have to kill them. But I tell myself that it's not me killing them – it's the other characters."
  1. Another fan asked the members of the panel how they would end the series if given the opportunity.
  2. Kit Harington (Jon Snow): "I want Jon Snow to be on the Throne, definitely."
  3. Nikolaj Coster-Waldeau (Jaime Lannister): "The screen fades to black, and there's a sign that says '20 Years Later,' and there's a small cottage. And Jaime and Cersei are sitting there. 'Finally, my love. Finally.' And then the music."
  4. David Benioff (exec-producer): "Everyone dies."  
  5. Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister): "[clears throat] … Dance number."