GOT Goes to the Emmys


Photo credit: Filmmagic

There is a certain type of excitement that comes with the show that you are working on being nominated for an award like the Emmys. You are part of a team of hundreds who work unbelievably hard to make something for people to watch and enjoy.

Both the Creative Arts Emmys – which actually happen the week before the televised awards – and the Primetime Emmys that just aired this past Sunday, included nominations for ‘Game of Thrones,’ which won six awards overall.

On both nights, Twitter and Facebook were alive with updates from crew members who stayed up to the early hours in Belfast as news of the awards came in, with texts and emails flying when our winning departments were announced. The first person back in the office after the Creative Arts ceremony was Adam Chazen, a VFX Co-ordinator who came straight from the airport to the office, Emmy® statue in tow.  He was greeted with a front door festooned with pictures from the awards shows, pulled from the internet and press coverage by the girls of the production office, and a few shots emailed over by some of our nominees.

Everyone still in the office that Monday night wanted to hold the award, and so many pictures (and a couple of acceptance speeches for the less recognised categories – best abs in a foreign movie anyone?) followed.  Hilariously, the customs officers at Belfast City Airport seemed totally non-plussed by the arrival of so many statuettes. “Another winner?” one asked, before waving them through. Perhaps it was the Oscar® that came in last year for ‘The Shore,’ a wonderful short by Terry George (starring our very own Ciaran Hinds and Conleth Hill, no less) that spoiled it for them.

Then came this year's Emmys. From the start of the red carpet coverage, we were hooked again. Playing "Spot the Throner' via Twitter and text, the crew watched avidly as our gorgeous cast arrived for the televised awards. We searched the crowds as the show began for our David Benioff, Dan Weiss and Frank Doelger who were in attendance, as well as voting on who had our favourite dresses (Emilia, for me).

It's been a few days and people are back on UK soil. Wolf crew is up and running on the sunny shores of Dubrovnik and Dragon continues in Belfast, it seems very far away now. The hangovers however...