The Belfast (sort-of) Wrap.


By Cat Taylor


Photo Credit: Helen Sloan

Officially, Belfast has wrapped. Wolf crew remains in Morocco filming scenes set in King’s Landing as well as some others following Dany on her mission to take back Westeros (all the while still finding time to send us pictures of the ridiculous sunshine and crystal clear water). But in Belfast, people are packing up and heading home.

The end of the Belfast shoot was on a Saturday, after a week of working on one of the hardest scenes that has been shot – in any series so far, I would say. This event marks a massive shift in direction for our battling families.

The wrap party took place in the Titanic Museum, just down the road from the studios, where the cast & crew danced and drank at the foot of the famous ship’s stairs, took pictures in an old photo booth and said goodbye to another year.

It is a strange sort of wrap though, because we aren’t really finished. In the next week, a crew of stunt men will arrive in Belfast and start work on something big. I can’t tell you much, other than there are ropes involved and those afraid of heights perhaps should look away. Then, not long after, a small crew will board a plane and head to Iceland, to the north shore, where we will go North of the Wall once more.

Iceland will be a shorter shoot this year, a little over two weeks if you include all the prep days, but a much longer journey. It will take 8 hours to drive to the first location from Reykjavik. Here’s hoping there are no (more) blizzards this year. The art department has already been snowed in once.