Game of Thrones Interactive Features Hit iPads


'Thrones' fans with iPads should get their swiping fingers ready. Along with the premiere of Season 2 comes the launch of HBO GO's Interactive Features for the iPad. That means extra, in-story content such as cast and crew commentaries, info alerts about the scenes and characters, not to mention media galleries for a closer look at props, costumes or storylines. A guide to the major houses and a map of the continents of Westeros and Essos will also keep you immersed.

Here's how Interactive Features lets you dive deeper into the burning of the Seven at Dragonstone:

A video from series creator David Benioff discusses the impact of welcoming a new god.

Another video from the production team explains how they created the beachside bonfire.

And as you view the experience, you'll be able to post your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter straight from the app. Download the HBO GO app now!