Game of Thrones Recap: "Blackwater"


So there you have it: The Battle of Blackwater. Stannis Baratheon sailed into the harbor of King's Landing only to watch the water—and much of his fleet—burst into flame. As if a naval defeat wasn't bad enough, Stannis was further outsmarted on land by Team Lannister (with an assist from the Tyrells). Tyrion surprised the King in the Narrow Sea by attacking from behind, and outside the gates of King's Landing. According to D.B Weiss in this week's Inside the Episode, Peter Dinklage improvised his lines a bit, making Tyrion's decision that much more intriguing:

Times of crisis bring out the best and worst in people, as was evident inside and outside the Red Keep. We're putting Tyrion in the "Best" column, for stepping up to save the city, and likewise, Podrick Payne, for saving Tyrion. Lancel Lannister too, for standing up to Cersei and insisting that Joffrey lead by example. Under "Worst," we're filing Cersei for medicating herself with alcohol (although she does make for a fun drunk) and the Hound for abandoning his post. Anyone else stand out? And is it just us, or is Ser Dontos getting pretty good at juggling?

If you're wondering about the song over the episode's end credits, it's "The Rains of Castamere," as interpreted by The National. You can hear it again on HBO GO.