Game of Thrones Recap: Valar Morghulis


Season 2, we hardly knew ye. Ten weeks have gone by—and in Sunday's finale, we saw: Sansa Stark cast aside for Margaery Tyrell, Arya Stark on the run and Robb Stark married. In the Throne Room of the Red Keep, the Lannisters not only paid their debts—Lord Tywin's horse demonstrated it could sh*t where it pleased. Tyrion Lannister and Theon Greyjoy were both stripped of their duties, and Brienne and Jaime continued to make for awkward road buddies. Let's not forget that Dany checked in (and out!) of the House of the Undying, aided by dragonfire. And in the North, Jon killed his hero, as the wildlings and the White Walkers amassed their forces.

Offers were made and rejected: For the second time in a matter of days, Sansa Stark was offered a chance to return to Winterfell; first by the Hound during the siege, and then by Littlefinger. Perhaps sensing the possibility of stranger danger, Sansa turned both overtures down. Maester Luwin suggested that Theon take a secret passage out of Winterfell and then up to the Wall, but the Prince of Pyke refused the chance to escape. Shae tempted Tyrion with the idea they run off to Pentos, with the city's unofficial tagline: Eat. Drink. F***. Live… but he declined. Arya even briefly toyed with the idea of joining Jaqen H'ghar in Braavos, but then thought better of it.

Imagine! Theon a Brother in the Night's Watch, Tyrion and Shae as tourists in Pentos, Arya picking up some new moves in Braavos. What say you, watchers at home? Were these paths worth taking?