The Best ‘Thrones’ Toys Seen Around Comic-Con


There’s a reason every single person in downtown San Diego is carrying around a three-foot-tall swag bag this weekend – Comic-Con is all about the merch! But some of the best collectibles on display in the convention hall aren’t going home with anyone. At least not yet.


A glass case at the Dark Horse Comics booth housed a series of prototype figurines, including Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister and, of course, the Iron Throne itself. The statuettes’ release date is yet to be announced, but fans can visit the HBO Shop online to be notified as soon as they’re available.

Over at Chronicle Books’ table, the upcoming ‘Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones’ was presented for hands-off ogling. The book – written by MGOT’s old friend Bryan Cogman – is not yet on sale, but the first 300 people to preorder it at the booth got to take home a bookplate autographed by Cogman, a writer and the official “keeper of the mythology” for the show.