Khal Drogo and Ser Jorah Face Off at Comic-Con


Four hours of waiting in line is usually more of a mental battle against boredom, but in the queue for the ‘Game of Thrones’ panel at Comic-Con, things can take a more epic turn. After the two greatest warriors of Essos finished fighting on the convention center lawn, we asked them how it felt to become their favorite characters for the weekend.

Khal Drogo (a.k.a. Phil from San Diego)

What was your biggest airport security fear?

It wasn’t airport security, but Comic-Con security. I had a full-on real arakh made. It’s about three feet long, 25 pounds with a real steel blade on it – you could cut someone in half with one swing. I was trying to figure out a way I could get it in, by putting piping on it for safety or something, but I brought them pictures of it on the first day, and they were like, “Um, no.”

Is there any downside to Drogo?

Well, being any really popular character, it’s more about being there for everyone else to have a good time, because you can’t move more than five feet without getting mobbed by people. So, on Sunday I might not get dressed up, just so I can enjoy the Con myself, incognito.

Who’s your nemesis for the weekend?

I was hoping to see some other Drogos, so I could challenge them and add them to my khalasar.

Ser Jorah Mormont (a.k.a. Chris from Brooklyn)

What item is key to your costume?

I think dying the shirt yellow helped. I did it in a big pot over the stove, with some yellow dye. When your friends and family see you stirring your shirt in a pot, they think you’re a super nerd.

What have fans been saying to you?

“Are you Jaime Lannister?” I think people see Jaime everywhere, because they want to. But I picked Jorah – he kicks ass.

How do you get inside the disgraced knight’s head?

“Very carefully.”