Overheard on Set: The Pre-Production Meeting


The pre-production meeting is a chance for all the department heads to get together with the producers and discuss what are likely to be the challenges and requirements for a particular episode. Generally lead by the 1st AD, the script will be broken down scene by scene and each one analysed for potential questions or difficulties. For example has the location be confirmed? Are there enough of a certain type of costume for the numbers in a scene, and will our cast need any training for a particular sequence. On a show like Game of Thrones, that tends to lead to some rather unusual conversations.

“We’re going to be killing the stuntmen 3 times each at least, so we’ll need to look at beards and hair.”

“They do say an owl is twice as hard to do as the eagle, and you know what that was like.”

“There is no silent wind, only noise wind.”

“We can’t tube the silent wind across?”