Get Ready to #RoastJoffrey


Winter is coming, and what better way to warm your icy heart than by spewing fiery vitriol at your least favorite king of Westeros? 'Game of Thrones' fans across the known world are encouraged to join some of their favorite cast members, celebrities and 'Thrones' recappers in roasting the King on the Iron Throne. Follow the details below to participate.

What: A comedy roast of King Joffrey – on social media.  

When: A two-day special event on Thursday, December 12 and Friday, December 13.

Why: Because you hate Joffrey Baratheon with the fire of a thousand dragons.

How: Share your true feelings on Joffrey on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Vine using the hashtag #RoastJoffrey. Don't hold back – you know he wouldn't.

Visit for up-to-the-second punchlines. The first of its kind, this social media roast promises to light the biggest fire the web has ever seen. Join in.