7 Things We Learned at the Game of Thrones Comic-Con Panel


Friday was the long-awaited 'Game of Thrones' panel, which kicked off with the “In Memoriam” video. While the lustiest cheers were for the fallen Starks, the family's direwolves, Lady and Grey Wind, also evoked an emotional response. Once the video wrapped up and the crowd quieted, the questions came at a quick pace. Here's what came up:

1. Khal Drogo still pines for his khaleesi.

Jason Momoa stopped the show by rushing on to the stage and planting a big kiss on Emilia Clarke. “I'm not dead yet,” he told the audience. Clarke responded by calling him her “sun and stars.”

2. Dan Weiss talked David Benioff out of using “The Rains of Castamere” for the show's theme song.

Weiss suggested they trust composer Ramin Djawadi to come up with something. Marvels Benioff, “What would the show be without that and Angus [Wall]'s title sequence.”

3. Tywin knows that Pycelle is faking it.

The Season 3 DVD set will feature a deleted scene between the grand maester and Tywin Lannister in which Tywin tells him to knock-off his act. As it was Pycelle who convinced the Mad King to let Tywin's forces into the city during Robert's Rebellion, Pycelle emphasizes, “I have served the interest of House Lannister unfailingly.”

4. Kit Harington thinks Jon Snow needs a mother figure.

In reciting a list of Jon's father figures: Ned Stark, Benjen Stark, Lord Commander Mormont, Qhorin Halfhand and Mance Rayder, Harington paused and said, “You'd think he want to find someone maternal.”

5. Charles Dance gives shoulder rubs.

After the tense scenes between Tywin and Tyrion, Charles Dance will give Peter Dinklage shoulder rubs. “To make sure we still love each other,” explained Dinklage about his TV dad.

6. John Bradley thinks Sam Tarly should get out of his own head.

Bradley pointed out that Sam's defining moment – killing the white walker with dragonglass – was based purely on instinct, and not a matter of Sam applying knowledge he had read in a book. “Sam needs to get out of his brain,” says Bradley. “When he goes on gut instinct, he's a bit of a dude.”

7. Peter Dinklage has not gone on vacation in years.

“I haven't taken a proper vacation because I get to go to these places,” said Dinklage about the show's exotic locales. Dinklage, was responding to a fan question about what's great about being on the show. The fan wore a shirt emblazoned with an image of the youngest Lannister that said, “Keep calm and Tyrion.” Another benefit, noted Dinklage: “I get to be on T-shirts.”