Kit Harington Makes a Ballroom Swoon


As part of Entertainment Weekly's panel of “Brave New Warriors,” Kit Harington elicited a collective “Awww” from the room when he recalled a defining moment for Jon Snow. “When he had to leave,” he said, referring to Jon's abandonment of Ygritte. “It wasn't a sword fight – it was leaving the girl.” Harington was joined on the dais by Matt Smith ('Doctor Who'), Steven Yeun ('The Walking Dead'), Tyler Posey ('Teen Wolf'), and David Giuntoli ('Grimm').

Other choice bits from Harington:

His unsexiest moment: Harington said his love scene with Ygritte was “possibly the most humiliating.” Because his ankle was broken, the actor had to “crutch on to the scene naked, not being to hide anything with 100 people around trying not to laugh.”


His feelings about social media: Harington prefers not to participate. “I'm useless with anything with buttons.”

What qualities he shares with his character: “I can be quite emo at times. If Jon had an ipod, he'd have exactly the same type of music.” 

His Comic-Con undercover outfit of choice: Harry Potter

How he would like to see his character die, should it come to that: “It would be a Sunday afternoon. Jon would be 85 years old, resting his head peacefully … on the side of a big iron chair.”