Sabotaged by the Sea



Day 52: Today we film in beautiful Murlough Bay. We're shooting on a rock-strewn beach. The jagged coast of Scotland beckons 11 miles in the distance, across a blue sea. Everything is set for a gorgeous day on GoT...

Yet, as the saying goes, time and tide wait for no man. On the North Coast in autumn, not only don't they wait, they rush in like dry land is going out of style.

In the morning we have more beach than we knew what to do with. We set up on the beach between two mammoth stones, one large enough to host a miniature cave. As the hours pass, the waves advance up the shore and don't retreat, swallowing more of our set with every take. By the afternoon, we occupy only one final yard of beach. The two mammoth stones now wade in the bay, mocking our earlier hubris.

After a particularly bold wave almost makes off with a skiff, we urge our director to pull a Canute and order the tides to stop. We are half-joking, but he is considering the half that's not.

Maybe we were being too harsh on the sea. Maybe the sea just wanted a spoiler...