Meet the Council: Ideas and Insights From the Editors of The Compendium

GOT Compendium Council of Editors members

Great news for Shireen Baratheon! There's a new book documenting the Seven Kingdoms and beyond… and fans can take part. It's all part of Game of Thrones: The Compendium, a crowd-sourced online destination where fans can contribute creative content inspired by the show. A Council of Editors will review every submission and select the best entries for inclusion in a bound book; each featured contributor in the printed edition will be listed as an author.

What's fair game for inclusion in the Compendium? A simpler question might be what isn't. The platform focuses on the categories of art, music, costume, food, craft and analysis. The eclectic parameters have the Council of Editors excited to get their hands dirty. "I see our role here as custodial more than anything else, despite the grandiose title we've been given," says culture blogger Arthur Chu. "It's the fans who contribute the content that this project is really about. Our job is just to give a little gentle guidance so that the gems end up in the book." Game of Thrones Reddit moderator Kevin Hatch calls the Council's role "the next step in supporting the fandom." Hatch adds, "It provides a way to highlight in a lasting way the great contributions of talented fans." 

Looking for some hints about how to make your submission stand out? For fantasy and science fiction artist Greg Hildebrandt, the most important thing when looking at a piece of art is "the combination of composition, good drawing, lighting and color." Writer and illustrator Gerald Brom is drawn to "the darker elements in any story, as they come with so much inherent drama."

Marie Claire magazine creative director and Project Runway judge Nina Garcia is interested in both the dark and the light, or to put it another way: "Ice and fire" – which is how Garcia characterizes GOT fashion. Ice is evoked "with masculine and dark layering of leather, furs and shearlings," Garcia explains, "and fire with a more ornate, feminine touch with brocade, silks and luxurious fabrics." When reviewing Compendium entries, Garcia is "looking for fashion content that is going to explain a story and make me travel and dream." 

Chef Tom Colicchio is also into the idea of travel – he's looking for culinary submissions that allow him "to picture something working in the show, especially across the various lands and cities." Colicchio is hoping fans combine "their deep knowledge of the show and individual creativity into something new and unique."'s Zack Luye, is thinking along these same lines. Luye's submission would be: "a grand feast, inspired by George R. R. Martin," with a menu that includes "blackened bacon; seemingly unlimited wedges of the richest cheeses; a thick soup of barley and venison garnished with sprigs of mint and surrounded by mashed yellow turnips swimming in butter; a large serving tray, filled with ripe, plump peaches; 20 casks of fish packed in salt and seaweed: whitefish, crabs, mussels, clams, herring, cod, salmon, lobster, to name a few; fermented mare's milk; casks of Dornish and some of Illyrio's finest wines; sweetbreads, pigeon and lamprey pie; a rack of lamb baked in a crust of garlic and herbs; and a litter, filled with frosted lemon cakes." Luye would document the occasion with "fully costumed before and after photos and an accompanying original musical score... Or, photographs of costumed nobles fleeing from my wolf pup."

That specificity excites Wired writer Laura Hudson: "George R. R. Martin's attention to detail rewards attention to detail; his clear love and compassion for these characters inspires the same from us." Hudson continues, "I've seen some truly mind-blowing art, analysis and other original work from fans. I'm excited to see more of it, and to help recognize their creativity and talent in an official space."

Are you planning on submitting to The Compendium? Have you discovered any impressive GOT-themed art? Tell us what you're hoping to see – or are planning to make – in the comments below.