Press Round-Up: Weapons of Show Construction


Scrabble, hair and horseplay: Those are just some of the talking points the stars of 'Game of Thrones' mentioned this week. Read on to find out what happened behind the scenes:

Michiel Huisman was impressed by his costar – a horse.

The actor behind Daario Naharis recalled filming the scene where his character takes on the champion of Meereen. "Obviously, I didn’t actually hit the horse with a knife, but what the horse did do is fall over in front of me,” he marvels. “I was completely blown away… It would just throw himself onto a huge, soft mat covered in a bit of sand, and then it would get up right away. A total pro."

[The Daily Beast]

Pedro Pascal got a crash course in spears.

Actor Pedro Pascal underwent intense training to play the famous warrior, the Red Viper: "The producers set me up with a master of Wushu, which is an acrobatic martial arts. Master Hu was a guy who actually worked alongside Jet Li, and taught me how to move my body in ways that I never could do before… I kept on whacking myself with the bandaged stick that I was practicing with. I was my own worst enemy."


Kit Harrington forgoes shampoo while filming.

What's Kit Harrington's preferred hairstyle on-set? "I like it to look greasy and medieval," says the actor behind Jon Snow. To avoid "flowing locks," he won't wash his hair during filming. "It gets very tangled," Harrington admits, "by the end it's pretty horrible."


Natalie Dormer pulls back the curtain on the Purple Wedding.

What was going on behind the scenes of the royal wedding? "A lot of Scrabble was played by iPads," the actress behind Margaery Tyrell tells Seth Meyers. "It's so hot in Croatia in the summer; we were all sitting with our skirts up around our necks… very glamorous." 

[Late Night With Seth Meyers]

Maisie Williams took home the leftovers from the set.

Remember that scene where Arya and the Hound eat chicken? Williams won’t soon forget it either: "At the end of the day they had so many chicken legs we didn't end up eating, so I took them home with me… I didn't have to buy any dinner that night, I was beaming from ear to ear when I walked back to the car with the box full of chicken."

[HBO Connect]

Liam Cunningham digs Tywin Lannister. 

The actor who plays Davos Seaworth reveals his favorite character: "I'm a big fan of Tywin." Cunningham adds that Charles Dance "always brings something sexy and deep and full of gravitas to the role – only a man like him can walk in and have Cersei, Tyrion and Jaime cower like children in front of him." 


Aidan Gillen doesn't underestimate Sansa.

Aidan Gillen shares why he's excited about Littlefinger’s dynamic with his favorite Stark girl: "Sansa is cleverer than we may have given her credit for. As much as Littlefinger enjoyed being in the Small Council chamber, you are dealing with people like Varys.” He explains, “It can be stifling to have somebody as smart as you sitting right beside you...There may be cleverer people wherever Littlefinger's going, but it's nice not to know that there are. It's unknown territory." 

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