High Valyrian 101: Learn and Pronounce Common Phrases


Jealous of Grey Worm's language lessons? You're in luck. Linguist David Peterson, who created the languages of 'Game of Thrones,' has translated some basic phrases in High Valyrian. With the correct pronunciations a click away, you'll soon speak well enough to make Missandei proud. 

When in Essos

Where are my dragons? 
Skoriot ñuhyz zaldrīzesse ilzi?

I will take what is mine. 
Ñuhor līr gūrēnna.

What do we say to death? 
Skoros morghot vestri? 

Not today. 
Tubī daor.

When in Westeros

I would like a trial by combat. 
Vīlībāzmosa iderennī emilun.

More pigeon pie, please. 
Tolī rhūqo lōtinti, kostilus.

The night is dark and full of terrors. 
Bantis zōbrie issa se ossȳngnoti lēdys.

Fan Favorites

When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. 
Skorī dēmalȳti tymptir tymis, ērinis iā morghūlis.

You know nothing, Jon Snow. 
Daoruni gīmī, Ionos Sōnaro.

A Lannister always pays his debts. 
Lannister va moriot zyha gēlȳnī addemmis.

Everyday expressions

Seven hells! 
Sīkudi nopāzmi!

I love you. 
Avy jorrāelan.

Will you marry me? 
Ao ynoma dīnilūks? 

(Yes = Kessa. No = Daor.)

Happy Birthday
"At this stage, we simply don’t know enough about the customs of the ancient Valyrians for me to guess how (or if) they would celebrate birthdays," David Peterson explains, "so I can’t come up with a plausible way of saying 'happy birthday' in High Valyrian." 

Thanks to @usahin17, @Atheist_Burrito, @Carlos_SKZ, @Tr0yce, @mynameispurpose, @heidihowilliams, @fbvillasanta and @VampirePedobear for submitting requests for translations.