Favorite Props and Memorable Moments: GOT Cast and Crew Look Back


After the 'Game of Thrones' panel in Hall H, the cast and crew headed to the Warner Bros. booth to sign autographs and answer a few questions.

When asked for the favorite scenes of the season, series creators David Benioff and David Weiss both opted for ones from later episodes. For Benioff, it was the last scene between Arya and the Hound: "Just the way the two actors played it. It was one of the scene you hope looks as good as you imagine it and this one was better than that." Weiss selected a more tender moment: "As far as single shots, Jon holding Ygritte as she died in his arms and the battle raged behind them. That shot was one of my most favorite."

George R.R. Martin's favorite Comic-Con memories are about what used to be: "I've been coming since 1987 when it was only 5000 people and I have many memories of Comic-Con. Sadly my Comic-Con memories are things I can't do anymore, like walk the floor and look for comic books. Back in '87 and the early '90s I'd just walk the floor and go through comic books and I loved that. The price of success: I can't do that anymore."

Martin also recalled some fan interactions over the years: "The autograph sessions are sometimes memorable," he said. "People ask me to sign their arms and then they rush off to tattoo them. My illegible scrawl is on various arms of fans out there." Only arms? "Only arms, and only men."

For John Bradley, his kiss with Gilly was more than just a peck on the lips: "I think kissing Gilly is a hugely pivotal moment in Sam's life, and not just because he's due up for a healthy relationship with women," he said. "Sam's life, the main theme of it so far, has been rejection... Kissing Gilly is the first time he's getting over that fear of rejection. I think he's been treading on eggshells so much around Gilly because he's worried about being rejected. I think that kiss was symbolic of how they learned through each other to trust other people and humanity, and realize their own worth. They wouldn't have done it in Season 3."

Prop-wise, Gwendoline Christie says the sword Oathkeeper helps her get in the spirit of Brienne: "I love Oathkeeper. I think it's absolutely beautiful and it's just an amazing bit of craftsmanship," she said about her favorite prop. "I asked David Benioff, 'when can I have one of these?' And he said, "When you're dead.' "

Rory McCann took the Hound's weapons to remember him by: "I've got his swords. Hanging up in my house, just above the door in case there's any trouble. God help an unwanted visitor." At present, McCann isn't using them for anything in particular. "It's not really looking good for the Hound at the moment," he conceded. "So that's why you grab the swords when you get the chance."

Meanwhile, Rose Leslie waited for her wrap gift: "I was a very lucky girl. On my last day of shooting, cast and crew presented me with Ygritte's bow." One extra touch on the goodbye gift was a silver plaque on which "they put Kissed by Fire and the emblem of the rose." Leslie isn't using her present for practice either: "It is in my room just for my own viewing."