The GoT Cast Talks Scene-envy and Teases Season 6

Credit: FilmMagic

Credit: FilmMagic

Post-panel, we asked cast members to tell us the one scene they would've loved to have been in, or the character they would've wanted to be, other than their own. Bonus question? Give us a one-word tease for Season 6 based off their newly-delivered scripts.

"I was a huge fan of the scenes between Lena Headey and Jonathan Price, the scenes between Cersei and the High Sparrow," said Hannah Murray of her scene-envy. "They're both so, so good and that weird, weird power play that is going on is fascinating -- two people with such different agendas. If I could have been in the corner watching like a little mouse, I would have been happy."

Murray's one-word descriptor of the Season 6 scripts: "I haven't received them so, nonexistent. Mystery, would be a good word. We don't do hard copies anymore because of security but I think they're on their way."

Conleth Hill readily admitted that he was satisfied with everything he got to do as Varys and didn't need anything else: "Boringly, I love watching everybody else," he said. "I'm very happy with what I have to do and I know that's not a great soundbite or a sexy answer. I love reading the script and seeing what happens to everyone else, I love our kids started as kids and are now young adults and wonderful people and brilliant actors, so I love watching everybody else."

Hill's one word for the season six scripts: "Amazing."

And while John Bradley also loved watching everybody else, he said he would've loved for Sam to have been part of the insanity at Hardhome: "I knew that that was going to be an amazing sequence," he said. "You know in those moments, those huge moments that are going to be so memorable and spoken about, it would've been nice to be involved. For perfectly justifiable narrative reasons I wasn't, but I would've liked to have been there. I think it's a wonderful opportunity for an actor to really get an impression of how their character would react to extreme circumstances.

Bradley's one word to describe the Season 6 scripts: "Rich. Bursting with ideas. Game of Thrones has always been bursting with tiny details, and the first few scripts we've received are absolutely following that trend."

Natalie Dormer won the award for most out-of-box answer: "Who would I want to be? I want to be the dragon! Drogon's got some really serious sh** going down," she said. "When he was on the cliff and he was hurt because they've stabbed him so many times and Emilia's talking to him, 'I know you're hurt honey, but I need you to get up and I need you to fly,' and he's like huffing and puffing and moving his wings around, like, 'Look, mum, I'm hurt I need to sleep.' I thought the CGI was so amazing. The vis effects guys are so incredible. I'd love to do the spots on the face and do some improv as a dragon, because you really feel his personality come through and that's no small feat. They need to have personality, those dragons."

Dormer's one word to describe Season 6 scripts: "I haven't read them yet. I got them [Thursday] night," she said. "On the long-haul flight home I can sit and power through them. There will be no entertainment system switched on on that airplane, I will be reading five GoT scripts."

Meanwhile Maisie Williams would like a crack at Cersei's imprisonment: "I think being Cersei in her cell scenes -- not because I could do it better because she was f**king amazing, but just because I love those scenes where you character is downtrodden and when you're at the lowest of the low," she said. "So where she's licking the water off the floor, that sort of thing, you can get there emotionally and it can be quite a real thing to act. I think that would be a fun scene to do."

Williams' one word to describe the Season 6 scripts: "I haven't looked at them. I was like, 'I'm not about to look at them before Comic-Con,' because I'd be too tempted to say stuff. All we want to do is be able to say, 'By the way, this happens and it's so cool and I want to talk to everyone about it,' but we can't. It's harder for us than people think."

Carice van Houten would also like to take a walk in Cersei's shoes, but fully-clothed: "The Walk of Shame I thought was fun -- not fun for her, but a big thing. Probably that one, it's nice and dramatic. Not the nudity though."

Van Houten's one word to describe the Season 6 scripts: "Zero because I haven't seen them. I was afraid to start to read them while I was here, I thought I'd spoil something."

Alfie Allen would've been happy playing out a certain sensual-but-deadly scene in Dorne.

"Probably Bronn in the prison scene, that would've been alright," Allen said with a wink. "Even though he nearly dies, he definitely has a good view while he's going."

Allen's one word to describe the Season 6 scripts: "Unpredictable."