Gone but Not Forgotten: 4 Fallen Characters Whose Presences Were Felt in 'Sons of the Harpy'


As the Valyrian expressions go: all men must die and all men must serve – in this week's episode, that service was to the story. Below are four fallen characters who were remembered in "Sons of the Harpy."

Oberyn Martell

The Red Viper's death looms large in Dorne, as Ellaria Sand recruited the Sand Snakes to her quest for vengeance. In an interview with HBO.com, Keisha Castle-Hughes explains how Oberyn influenced her character: "Obara is the most like Oberyn. She's trained her entire life with him to use the spear like he does." As for the Sand Snakes, "They are deeply, deeply bonded by the love of their father," Castle-Hughes explains, promising more "general badassery" in the weeks to come.

Relive their on-screen introduction in the clip below:

Robert Baratheon

The fallen king was represented on screen last night via an item from the past – a feather, found by Sansa near the statue of Lyanna Stark. Series creator David Benioff discusses the callback to the pilot episode: "Robert Baratheon laid this exotic, tropical bird feather in her hand. As we were preparing the scene [with Sansa], we thought: That feather’s probably still there. People haven't been going down there and cleaning up much. Certainly after Ramsay destroyed Winterfell, there hasn’t been a janitorial crew going down and vacuuming."


Jon Snow's lost lover was eerily channeled by a certain Red Priestess. "Mel must have seen his ex-girlfriend's catchphrase in the flames," recaps Rolling Stone, "because she drops a 'you know nothing, Jon Snow' on him that gets under his skin." New York Magazine's Nina Shen Rastogi calls the exchange "my favorite scene of the episode – maybe one of my favorites in the whole series." She adds: "Exactly what sort of threat – or offer – that line holds, we don’t know. But we do know that Melisandre can play a long game, whether or not we believe her visions of the future, and that’s what made [it] so scary." 

Rhaegar Targaryen

The former King was mentioned in "the story Littlefinger told Sansa in the Winterfell crypt," writes the New York Times, "of Rhaegar throwing over his wife (Oberyn’s sister) in favor of Lyanna Stark (Ned’s sister), seems to be more or less the inciting incident of the show. The war that followed led eventually to Dany’s exile, the ever more tangled relationships between the Baratheons, Starks and Lannisters, the Martell revenge quest."

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