50 Surprising Things About Season 2 - Pt 2


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Take a look at the armor featured in Season 2:

26. Stannis Baratheon


27. Robb Stark


28. Joffrey Baratheon


29. Theon Greyjoy


30. Tyrion Lannister


31. Tywin Lannister


32. In “The Prince of Winterfell,” the plan was initially to shoot the wildling scenes on the shore of a freshwater lagoon in Iceland. The night before the shoot, the lagoon froze over entirely –  so much so that you could drive a truck on it. Director Alan Taylor restaged the scene to occur over the frozen lagoon itself. The actors wore crampons under their costumes ‒ without them they would have looked like they were playing a “grotesque game of curling,” according to Simon Armstrong, who played Qhorin Halfhand.

33. The Fist of the First Men was shot on location in Iceland. The rock fortress is part of the natural landscape and did not need much design work to fit within the world of the show.

34. Sophie Turner, the actress behind Sansa, was surprised that Cersei would lose her cool during the Battle of Blackwater Bay. “Ususally she’s so contained,” Turner said of Cersei. “It’s good to have a change of role there and shows how much Sansa has developed and grown.”

35. Richard Madden, who played Robb Stark, described the experience of filming at the Stark camp: “Everything is touchable, and you can smell everything – my camp usually smells like horseshit. If you're out in the rain, then your cloak soaks up water, your boots leak and your feet are bleeding and damp. At the end of the day, you gradually unbuckle and unpeel and unclick every bit of the costume. Your back and shoulders and neck are just raw. But I wouldn't change it at all. That weight and shape of the armor dictates my posture and how I breathe. The drag of the cloak affects the way I walk. So all those things help me create Robb as a character; if it were fake chainmail and plastic armor, it wouldn't be the same.”


36. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays Jaime Lannister, celebrated his birthday while the Kingslayer was held captive. “I actually had my birthday in prison,” Coster-Waldau recalled. “I think they have a picture of me getting my birthday cake while I was chained up.”

37. Richard Madden inspired series creator David Benioff to write more scenes for Robb: “Even though he’s a very important character, Robb doesn’t have a huge amount of pagetime,” Benioff explained about Martin's novels. “After we saw what he did in Season 1, we wanted him to have a great deal of screen time, so we kept writing more scenes for him and several scenes that either aren’t in the book or are kind of mentioned in the book but you don’t actually witness them we wanted to be there for.”

38. Two of Craster's daughters featured in “The North Remembers” are actually director Alan Taylor’s daughters dressed up as wildlings.*

39. Author George RR Martin described his idea for wildfire as “partly Greek fire, which was the secret weapon of the Byzantine Empire that they used in many naval engagements, and partly nitroglycerin, and partly napalm, and more than a little bit of magic, all colored green because it looks cool.”*

40. Renly and Robb’s camps are meant to stand in contrast to each other. “Renly wants to show the finery that he’s traveling with,” set decorator Tina Jones explained, “whereas Robb is just concentrating on the job at hand and is much more of a warrior.”

41. There were some 240 people brought onto set to participate in the riot scene in “The Old Gods and the New.”

42. Director David Nutter was inspired by footage in the real-world news. The angry reaction of Robb’s men as Jaime Lannister is brought into the Stark camp was informed by watching the news and seeing Muammar Gaddafi walking through a “gauntlet of Libyan freedom fighters,” Nutter explained.

43. Peter Dinklage deviated from the script in “Blackwater” when Tyrion says “I’ll lead the attack” first under his breath before announcing it to his men. “I think that that choice was such a smart choice,” D.B. Weiss said, “You can see the look of shock on his face that he’s actually made this decision…. it’s at the crux of the question: Is Tyrion surprised by his own actions?”

44. Author George RR Martin penned the script for “Blackwater.” “It's very difficult,” Martin said. “If you look at the Battle of the Blackwater in the books, it occupies seven or eight chapters, intercutting from three points of view. If you shot it as I wrote it in the book, it would cost $100 million and take two months to shoot.”

45. Daniel Portman, the actor who plays Podrick Payne, is the real life son of Ron Donachie who played Rodrik Cassel.*

46. Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen, was protective of her children.  “For Seaon 1, I had kind of a lime-green sausage,” Clarke said. “They put a face on it for me. Then in Season 2, we had live-scale dragon models – which I got very protective of. Even when we weren’t filming. It was a little alarming.”

47. One location was shut down due to a hurricane. “That was the day we first shot Catelyn’s arrival at Renly’s camp, when we meet two of our new, amazing female characters in Brienne and Margery Tyrell,” recalled on-set blogger Cat Taylor

48. Actor Richard Madden describes Theon’s betrayal as a turning point for Robb.

49. The Lannister army in “Blackwater” was equipped with extra-long arrows to allow for attachments of flame.

50. Director Alan Taylor maintains that when Jon Snow “grows up a little bit in the fight" when he kills Qhorin Halfhand. "He becomes a warrior and allows himself to be a warrior for the first time.”

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