The Cast Gives 7 Reasons to Get Excited About Season 6


The Game of Thrones cast hit Hollywood on Sunday evening for the Season 6 red carpet premiere at the TCL Chinese Theater. The actors offered up some comments to whet appetites for the premiere on April 24. Here are the key ideas to keep in mind:

1. New Beginnings

Several actors noted that Season 6 marked a fresh start for their characters. “I was actually a bit lost in the beginning,” said Lena Headey who plays Cersei Lannister. “Cersei’s usually running things and now she’s so broken down.” Expect Davos Seaworth to be equally unsettled. “His entire reason for being on the show was Stannis,” noted actor Liam Cunningham. “Now that’s gone… Davos is in the same situation as Melisandre now, even though they hate each other.”

2. Vengeance

One common theme among cast responses was the promise of revenge. “There will be a lot of retribution,” said Michael McElhatton who plays Roose Bolton. DeObia Oparei, the actor behind Aero Hotah, promised the action wouldn't be limited to the North: “It’s going down in Dorne in Season 6,” Oparei said. “There’s gonna be blood.”

3. Budding Relationships

Daniel Portman hinted that “the relationship between Pod and Brienne has developed further. Brienne doesn’t want him to go away as much.” Portman explained that their relationship will continue to evolve in Season 6.

Another flourishing couple? Jorah and Daario. “Jorah and Daario are off to trying and find Dany, which is really fun,” Michiel Huisman revealed. “There’s clearly a dynamic between the two,” he said with a smile, adding, “Iain Glenn is an amazing actor.”

4. Budding Skills


Stark fans have plenty to look forward to – both Sophie Turner and Isaac Hempstead Wright stated that their characters have put their learnings into practice. “It’s Sansa’s season to take charge,” Turner promised. “She’s taking those skills that she soaked up from Littlefinger, Cersei and Margaery, and she’s finally putting them to use.

As for Bran, “His visions are getting really cool this season,” said Hempstead Wright. “He’s spent Season 5 training to get good at his magical powers; he’s not quite mastered it yet, but he’s good enough to show us some amazing insights into the past.”

5. Getting Personal

Fans will get to know the man pulling the strings in King’s Landing. Jonathan Pryce, who plays the High Sparrow, shared that you'll “find out a lot more about the High Sparrow. Where he comes from and what his reasons are for doing what he does…”

6. Uncharted Waters

Hannah Murray, who plays Gilly, said that Season 6 “felt like a different show. There were so many new, exciting things; new characters, new locations, getting to shoot in Spain for the first time was a real treat.”

Emilia Clarke also remarked that her character Dany faced the unknown: “We’re in uncharted territory, especially with Daenerys. The last time you saw her she was literally in an alien land. Everything was new and different."

7. Unpredictability

“It feels like this season is really accelerating the story,” observed Iwan Rheon, who plays Ramsay Bolton. “You’re going to see some characters who might not expect to come across each other.”

“You look at the Red Wedding and Ned Stark’s demise, Game of Thrones always has shock value and surprises,” Liam Cunningham said, promising this season would be no exception. Cunningham summed up Season 6 in two words: “Glorious storytelling.”

For more from the premiere, get a taste of the red carpet Facebook Live show below and watch the full thing on the Game of Thrones Facebook Page.

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Posted by Game of Thrones on Sunday, April 10, 2016