GoT Comes to Life With #ArttheThrone


Emotional resonance. Iconic moments. Compelling characters. These are just a few of the inspirations behind Art the Throne, an immersive art experience influenced by memorable moments from GoT. At work now, five diverse artists will reinterpret scenes from the series, debuting their pieces on April 20 at a private exhibition in New York City.

Come back to Making Game of Thrones for a recap of the action and in the meantime, get to know the artists and their work below.

Pop Chart Lab Memorializes the Red Wedding

Infographic experts Pop Chart Lab will interpret the notorious Red Wedding massacre into an illuminated manuscript engraved on a 12-foot piece of red glass. Beautifully detailed symbols will chart the events, conflicts, characters and families forever changed by Walder Frey’s betrayal. The feeling Pop Chart Lab wants to evoke? “Something bad happened here,” says designer Ashley Walker.

CYRCLE Constructs an Ode to Power

As an ode to the rise and fall of power throughout the series, art collective CYRCLE is creating a massive mirrored crown from wood. Viewers will be able to walk inside the 12-foot by 8-foot structure and read a poem incorporating the show’s main themes.

Graffiti Artist Tristan Eaton Depicts Dany

Inspired by the series’ amazing female leads, Eaton chose Dany as the focus of his work. “I’m rooting for her,” Eaton said while at work on his large-scale painting. Eaton's piece will render the Mother of Dragons in a Pop Art treatment, while still exemplifying his renowned collage style.

Marcos Chin Illustrates “Badass” Brienne

Illustrator Marcos Chin found motivation in Brienne of Tarth. His conceptual portait will convey the character’s vulnerability and is inspired by her beautiful armor. The finished illustration will be animated and projected at the event.

Jeff Nishinaka Crafts an “Oh My God” Moment

Paper sculptor Jeff Nishinaka is depicting “one of the most chilling scenes ever.” His iconic moment is from “Hardhome” so expect a life-size White Walker, surrounded by an ambient presentation space to further immerse gallery-goers into the location.

For a deeper dive inside the artists' work and process, check out an exclusive video debuting on April 21 on HBO NOW. To join the conversation, follow along using #ArtTheThrone