See the Regal Creations From the ‘Create for the Throne’ Fashion Collection


What better time than New York Fashion Week to celebrate the unforgettable looks of the women of Westeros? Create for the Throne celebrates incredible fan art and tasked 18 artists with creating art inspired by 18 different GoT props.

Dive into how painter Magdalena Kaczan brought Sansa’s deadly “Purple Wedding” necklace to life; the inspiration behind Mike Wrobel's fierce Cersei creation; and how Nicolas Brown created a Greco-Roman-inspired Targaryen sculpture.

Sansa’s Purple Wedding Necklace

Artist: Magdalena Kaczan | Painter | Cracow, Poland


“Sansa is the female character I pay most attention to in the series. Joffrey’s death at the Purple Wedding is a start of a new chapter for her: She is finally free of the boy who became the engineer of her greatest loss, painful desertion, deep suffering and tragic disillusionment. And that is all thanks to one tiny, purple gemstone with poison hidden in it — which she delivered to him indirectly, but with a deadly result nonetheless. I had to find a way to build an interesting scene around it, but I also wanted to tell its bleak story, and through that, Sansa's.”


“Once the sketch was ready, I started to draw the portrait with pens, gel-pens and ink on a big format paper. I wanted to work on it in digital layers in the later stage, so I decided to draw the background and Sansa's silhouette on two separate sheets. Next, I scanned all the drawings to my graphics program and combined it into one, layered composition. Then I could work on it further, using digital tools to refine details, adjust contrast, shadings and lights and add color.

“I was aiming to achieve a rather bright and vibrant color palette to emphasize the clash between the cheerful atmosphere of the scene and elements hidden in it that are dark and sinister — like blood, tears, animal corpses, sharp teeth and a stealthy hand ready to deliver poison.”

Queen Cersei’s Crown

Artist: Mike Wrobel | Digital Artist | Tokyo, Japan



“Cersei lost everything to get where she is and rule as queen. She lost all of her children and the support from her brother. All the things that could give her some empathy are gone. She’s a strong, isolated and determined woman now. Nothing is stopping her.”


“People often expect there is a very specific process, some kind of concrete method — whereas for me it is something very intuitive and natural that makes it difficult to deconstruct and analyze. It just flows. Ideas, pictures and feelings pop into my mind, but one of the first things I do is build my color palette.”


“Cersei’s costume is very detailed. Her leather gown is fully covered with little patterns. But the most difficult and time-consuming thing was the metallic parts — the shoulder pads, chain and crown — as they’re all intricate elements with light reflection.”

Daenerys’ Dragon Necklace

Artist: Nicholas Brown | Sculptor | Belfast, UK


“All of my previous sculptures have been creatures — fictional characters, monsters — but I’d never attempted a real person before. This was my first portrait and first hard-cast in a stone-like material. My previous work was mostly an air-dry clay and soft flesh-like silicone for hyper realism. Daenerys’ status as a queen demanded a more regal representation. I settled on a Greco-Roman style bust with a marble look.”


“Finding a way to put the necklace on her was difficult to resolve. The simplest way to do a sculpture of this type would be to sculpt the hair into the piece as one solid sculpture, but the necklace would somehow have to go through the solid hair. I chose to do the braid as a separate piece and attach it in the final stages of the sculpt.”


“I used oil-based clay, built it up first, then started subtracting material until I got it closer to what is the best representation of Daenerys I could achieve. Once the sculpting was done, I poured a silicone outer mould, and then reinforced it with a poly-plastic shell. To get the marble effect I combined real, finely ground Carrara marble, with a Jesmonite casting medium. This produced a very marble like finish that was capable of being carved, sanded, and polished just like real stone-carved marble.”

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