Check Out these ‘Create for the Throne’ Pieces Worthy of the Crown


It’s said that gold wins wars. The Create for the Throne Gold Collection includes four creations: Rextorn Metalwork’s interpretation of Jaime’s internal struggles; Victo Ngai’s painting depicting Tyrion’s journey over the series; Julie Bell’s oil painting of Blackwater; and Chris Shey’s wood carving inspired by house sigils.

Jaime’s Golden Hand

Artist: Thomas Grabarczyk of Rextorn Metalwork | Metal | Wroclaw, Poland



“We decided Jaime’s golden hand should be holding a pair of scales with two opposing values — a symbol of the merciless power of House Lannister on one side, and something to show how Jaime has changed over the seasons on the other. In Season 7, Jaime seems desperately torn between wanting to be loyal to the values of his House, but he is obviously against Cersei’s cruel decisions. The brassard from Jaime’s armor symbolizes his sense of responsibility, allegiance and obedience. The other pan holds a solitary, faithful replica of a human heart as a symbol of Jaime’s humanity. Initially, we intended to forge all the elements of copper, as it is more malleable and easy to form, but after long deliberations we finally agreed on brass.”


“We had five weeks to complete this project. We didn’t want to compromise on the quality of our workmanship, so we had to get all hands on board: one person was forging the hand, another was handling the brassard and a third one was working on the heart. Normally, one person would be responsible for the entire project, but in this case time was too short so we had to involve three different artisans to create the works simultaneously.”

Daenerys’ Hand of the Queen Pin

Artist: Victo Ngai | Digital Artist | Los Angeles, California

Seven icons adorning the pin representing the important incidents through Tyrion's journey: (clockwise direction after Tyrion) the catspaw dagger, the moon door, wildfire, Joffrey's goblet, crossbow, the exile ship and Meereen.

Seven icons adorning the pin representing the important incidents through Tyrion's journey: (clockwise direction after Tyrion) the catspaw dagger, the moon door, wildfire, Joffrey's goblet, crossbow, the exile ship and Meereen.


“When I was handling the prop, it occured to me that the pointed end of the pin very much resembles a sharp weapon. This inspired the idea of showing the prop as Tyrion’s means of severing ties with his Lannister family and joining forces with Daenerys.”

“The two families are respresnted by their respective sigil-animals: lion and dragons. The pin stabbing into the lion's stomach represents the tipping point in Tyrion's journey — when he delivered the fatal crossbow to kill Tywin; it also symbolizes the formidable adversary Tyrion has become to House Lannister. The field is littered with warring soldiers which speaks to the violent state of the Seven Kingdoms, whereas the dark clouds on the top speaks to the looming threats in the North.”


“It was important that the lion’s posture looked hurt, but still regal and fierce; mortally wounded but may still turn the table around. At first I had the lion lying with his belly up, this made a dynamic struggle scene but looked too final and submissive. Then I had him standing on his hind legs, but this made Tyrion look too disadvantaged and as if he’s running away from the danger. In the end I had the lion in a prowling posture while looking back at the surprise attack with one paw up ready to fight back.”

Kingsguard Armor

Artist: Julie Bell | Oil Paint | Allentown, Pennsylvania



“I wanted to focus in on the emotional experience of battle, but, since I've never been involved in any kind of military combat, I had to think of a way to imagine this. I thought about a moment in my life that really shook me to the core. After ‘re-feeling’ this moment, I looked up artwork created by soldiers in World War I. It was much like the way I imagine method actors work to inhabit their characters.”


“Working with the material of the armor was the biggest challenge. I was extremely fortunate the gesso I put down as a base layer held firm and the oil paint went on like a dream. When it came to adding varnish at the end, I tested some in a hidden area and it never dried. Three varnishes later, I gave up the varnish step, realizing that it was going to damage my work. Since the oil went on so nicely, it wasn't a problem. The surface remains fragile and requires care in moving and handling the piece.”

Daenerys’ Map Markers

Artist: Chris Shey | Wood | Lebanon, Ohio



“In terms of execution I started with a walnut log that was four feet long, two feet wide, one foot thick and weighed 250 pounds. Like all my projects, I never use electrical power tools so I happily hand carved each map marker over 18 days taking 140 hours to complete. Carving is like a well choreographed dance. With such a complex project one element needs to seamlessly flow into the next — the nose needs to flow into the face, the fur on the back needs to flow into the tail. You need to have the vision and concentration to tie all the elements together to create the perfect dance.”

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