How the Kingsmoot Works


In this week's episode, the Iron Islands held their general election. Here's how to earn the driftwood crown:

Any captain may put his name forth in the kingsmoot.

The Iron Islanders don’t take it as given that the son of the current king will be the best man for the job. Any ship captain may put his name forward by stating, “I claim the Salt Throne.”

Once the claimant has stepped forward, they must give a “Vote for Me” speech.

Stumping happens on the Iron Islands too. The people need to be convinced whom they should vote for, so each claimant must explain why he – or she – would make the best ruler.

The result is determined by whose name is chanted the loudest.

After all of the speeches have been given, the Ironborn chant the name of the individual they most want as leader. The person whose name garners the most support wins.  

Winner declared, the new king is "drowned" in the sea.

The priest of the Drowned God performs the ritual for the new king. Essentially, the king is cleansed of his past mistakes and drowned: “What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder and stronger.” The newly-elected king is held under water until unconscious, dragged to shore, and ideally, revives. Only then is the driftwood crown placed upon his head.

Check out Euron Greyjoy’s costume and crown below:


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