Did You Catch This Thrones Throwback in ‘Stormborn’?


The moment so many fans have been waiting for finally arrived during “Stormborn” — Arya and Nymeria came face to face after years. But did you recognize Arya’s final line?

Back in Season 1, Ned Stark comes across his younger daughter balancing on the stairs in a Red Keep hallway. Sitting together, he offers Arya a glimpse of what her happy future could be: marriage and children. Knowing herself even then, the young girl looks at her father and simply says, “No, That’s not me.”

Now in Season 7, Arya asks her direwolf to come home with her, but is rejected by the creature. Disappointed at first, she realizes that, just like her, Nymeria is not meant to be tamed.

Check out this week’s “Inside the Episode” to hear what series creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss had to say about the scene: