Did You Catch This Thrones Throwback From “The Dragon and the Wolf”?


From the King’s Landing dragonpit in Episode 7, Daenerys reflects on how the dragons’ captivity ultimately diminished their magnificence — and the Targaryen family’s as well. Did you remember this line from Season 3?


In “And Now His Watch Has Ended” Daenerys offers to trade Drogon to Kraznys in exchange for the Unsullied army. The deal was fake, of course, and Dany reminded the master, “A dragon is not a slave,” before allowing young Drogon to torch him. It is a powerful moment, reminding everyone that Daenerys is not someone to mess with.

In Season 7, Dany quietly speaks to Jon about what it meant to keep dragons in the King’s Landing pit. “A dragon is not a slave,” she repeats, remarking that once the dragons were gone, the Targaryens “weren’t extraordinary without them.”

Watch the “Inside the Episode” from the Season 3 episode below, and find more about Season 7, Episode 7 here.