Discover 7 Ways to Make an Epic Episode With 'The Game Revealed'


Looking for more on "The Door" and "Blood of My Blood"? Check out the next serving of HBO's exclusive behind-the-scenes docuseries, The Game Revealed for lessons on the best way to make an epic pair of episodes. 

Make It Significant

Director Jack Bender and the series creators discuss Bran's visions – including the Mad King.

Make It Colorful

The show's designers share the challenges and opportunities the play-within-a-play provided. 

Make It Realistic

Find out more about the prosthetics process behind the creatures featured in the series.

Make It Terrifying

Discover the layers of work and talent that go into making an incredible face-off.

Make It Moving

Check out behind-the-scenes moments from "Holding the Door."

Make It Mysterious

The actors talk about Bran's new protector and how he is "one bad motherf**ker."

Make It Rousing

Get a look at how the chaos and energy is created for Daenerys' latest speech.