Faceless Men 101: Tom Wlaschiha Debriefs About the Hall of Faces


Arya explored a new layer of the House of Black and White when she entered the Hall of Faces in Sunday's episode. A man named Tom Wlaschiha, better known as Jaqen H'ghar, chatted with HBO.com about training to become No One and the set of a thousand faces.

HBO: Arya's training is pretty rigorous…

Tom Wlaschiha: Absolutely. Who said the House of Black and White would be a fun place? It may look easy, but changing faces is hard work. If it were easy, anybody could do it.

HBO: What's the value of lying in the House of Black and White?

Tom Wlaschiha: I think it's not so much about lies or lying – it's more about sharpening your senses. Jaqen asks Arya to become No One, and it's like an actor's training, basically. You leave your persona at the door and you try to take on a different walk or a different voice to become someone else.

HBO: How does Jaqen know when Arya is lying?

Tom Wlaschiha: I think it's instinctual. He knows her and at that point he can tell. She isn't convincing.

HBO: At this point, how would you describe Jaqen's relationship with Arya?

Tom Wlaschiha: He wants to teach her, but he's not going to make it easy for her. He wants her to find her own way and really grow.

HBO: Where was the scene in the Hall of Faces filmed?

Tom Wlaschiha: At the studio in Belfast. It was really quite amazing what they built there. When I first read the episodes, I imagined that there would be a lot of CGI and green screen in those scenes, and there was – but the sets had actually been built a lot more than I imagined. In the Hall of Faces, there were hundreds and hundreds of masks on the walls. It was really quite eerie, and of course, that helps playing the scene because you're immediately thrown into that world.

HBO: Is it the creepiest thing we've seen thus far?

Tom Wlaschiha: I don't know if it's the creepiest place, but it's certainly one of the creepier ones.

See more about how the Braavosi landmark was created in the video below: