Game of Thrones Fans Pay Their Respects at Brazil Comic Con


Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen gather outside Dragonstone. But rather than anyone seen on screen, the duo are cosplayers, waiting to step inside the immersive Game of Thrones experience at São Paulo’s CCXP. The activation brings fans into the world of the series, inviting them to pay respects to the characters who have fought, died and sacrificed for the throne.

As the castle doors open, Comic Con attendees are greeted by a maester, donned in a traditional chain, who welcomes the group inside a crypt. There, six-foot tall mausoleums stand, surrounded by candles and adorned with the sigils and iconic objects associated with six great Westerosi houses — Stark, Lannister, Targaryen, Martell, Tyrell and Baratheon. Fans select which house to pay tribute to, and hear memorable lines from the fallen.

After making their choice, fans move into the instantly recognizable Dragonstone map room, where a replica of the wooden, Westeros-shaped table Dany and her war council strategize over stands at its center. From there, the show’s most-shocking deaths are showcased using immersive 3D mapping, so that each moment encompasses fans entirely in the scene. After moving through Ned’s beheading, weddings both Red and Purple, and Jon’s death and resurrection, the room turns an icy, ominous blue. The mood follows fans to the next room where members of the Army of the Dead – yes, White Walkers in full regalia – await to recruit the group’s assistance in “breaking through” a giant, full-wall replica of the Wall. The outcome evokes the Season 7 finale, teasing the epic war to come in Season 8.

Last, but certainly not least, fans enter the infamous Throne Room. There, dreams came true as fans could pick which banners to raise – Stark, Targaryen or Lannister – as they took their seat upon the Iron Throne. All told, the activation wow’ed fans, bringing Game of Thrones to Brazil Comic Con with all the fire and ice one would expect of the series. The experience was a perfect way for fans to pay their respects to the characters of the past, as they await the fate of the living.

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