Game of Thrones Holiday Necessities


Make like Daenerys and do what queens do—rule the gift-giving game with the Game of Thrones Holiday Guide.

Preside Over the Mantle
The only mantle ornament fit for royalty is an Iron Throne stocking holder.

Give the Gift of Greensight
For the omniscient-types in your life, there’s the Three-Eyed Raven kit.

Do Tyrion Proud
Give your party host the gift that keeps on giving (one glassful at a time)—a Lannister gold rim wine glass

The North Remembers
There’s always someone who gets nostalgic around the holidays, and now that someone can reminisce with a poster of the series’ iconic moments.

Pay Your Debts in “Thank you” Notes
Make good with those you owe. No ravens need be dispatched with the House Lannister deluxe stationary set.

If the Night Is Dark and Full of Terrors…
Burn away holiday terrors with a heat sensitive mug that goes from black to white when filled with a hot drink.

Bolton-like Behavior is Unacceptable…
But a Pop! Television Ramsay Bolton Figurine is really just “misunderstood.” Perfect for the bastard in the family. 

Play the Game of Thrones
For the resident strategist, give the gift of Risk, but remember: When you play the game of thrones… There is no middle ground.

If you can’t conquer the Seven Kingdoms, maybe you can buy them instead in a game of Monopoly. Secure the Iron Bank and you’ll be as rich as a Lannister.


A Needle of Your Own
Channel your inner Arya with a replica of her blade.

Be Stoic Like a Stark
Winter is coming… Make sure your friends and family are dressed accordingly with Stark band beanies and matching Stark scarves.