Get More "Broken Man" and "No One" Details With 'The Game Revealed'


HBO's exclusive docuseries, The Game Revealed, continues to deliver the behind-the-scenes details. Here's a hint of what you can find from "The Broken Man" and "No One."

Just a Man and His Axe

Your favorite axe-wielding antihero is back. Find out how the Hound is interpreting his near-death experience.

A Painting Made Real

The crew explains the involved design work that went into making Riverrun more than a mat painting, including creating a working drawbridge.

Genuine Reactions

Check out how actor Peter Dinklage gets the whole cast smiling.

Performances Both Epic and Intimate

From reunions to threats to parleys, the scenes in Riverrun required every actor to bring their A-game. Get an inside look at their characters' motivations.

 A Girl Meets Her Match

Get a closer look at the amazing choreographed chase sequence between Arya and the Waif. 

For more on Arya's chase scene, take a look at this storyboard.