Get a Closer Look at the Red Keep Dragon Skulls


“Stormborn” gave audiences a glimpse of the incredible dragon skulls, big and small, hidden below the Red Keep by Robert Baratheon. The structures, first created as 3D sculptures by the Game of Thrones art department, were then made into polystyrene carvings by the show’s construction department.

Head sculptor Darren Fitzsimons says it took six weeks to finish carving just the largest of the skulls — and that’s before painting and plastering. The massive Balerion the Dread skull is “about 30 feet long, 11 feet high and 16 feet wide,” Fitzsimons shares.

Building dragon bones isn’t all about fantasy, explains Fitzsimons: “We have a sheep’s skull in our workshop to look at how the surface texture looks. We try to bring everything back into reality using references from the real world.”

See some images of the skills in the slideshow below.