Get Insight Into Euron Greyjoy’s Rockstar Costume


Euron Greyjoy has already made quite an impact this season — including his “bad-boy” wardrobe. Actor Pilou Asbæk tells HBO that: “[Costume Designer] Michele [Clapton] and I did the whole f**king rockstar look — leather pants, leather jacket, open shirt — because Euron doesn’t give a s**t.”

Clapton elaborates on this sentiment by describing the Ironborn king as “a psychopathic arse!” and explains she, “designed his new look to reflect this. The slashed leather jacket is linked to the slashed front of the Greyjoy armour, but his is methodical; repetitive. He systematically cut the tongues out of his crew, so I think he did this to his jacket himself.” 

Clapton adds that the look is meant to intimidate: “He wants his look to get inside Jaime's head, to threaten him visually and physically. He's attractive and swaggering...he is a threat.”

Take a look at Euron’s Season 7 costumes, and the weapon he used during the Greyjoy battle at the end of “Stormborn” below.