The GoT’s Cast Season 7 Wishlist


Now that Season 6 is over, fans at San Diego Comic-Con are speculating what’s next in Season 7 – and they’re not the only ones. The cast has not received scripts yet, which means they are equally in the dark. HBO asked the actors what they’re hoping to see next summer. Here’s what they said:

A Cersei/Dany Face-Off

“I really just want to see the Cersei/Daenerys face-off,” said Sophie Turner. A fan at the panel asked what fans could expect if the two women meet. “Maybe they’ll just get on really well?” suggested Nathalie Emmanuel. “Like, hey girl?”

A Dilemma for Bran

When it comes to Bran’s story, Isaac Hempstead Wright had a theory: “Bran’s got this mark from the Night’s King on his arm; it ruined the magic of the cave. I think it might ruin the magic of the Wall. I reckon Bran will have a dilemma about whether or not he goes through the Wall.”

Options for Sansa

Turner had no idea what was next for Sansa. “There are so many directions she could go,” Turner mused. “She could really embrace the power that she has and go on to be something of a leader alongside Jon. She could be very embittered by the whole thing and try to take Littlefinger’s side. Maybe she’ll have a taste for killing and develop a sadistic side.”

A Promise Fulfilled

When it comes to Samwell Tarly, “I hope he does what he promises he’s going to do,” said John Bradley. “I want him to go to the Citadel and do something that’s going to have an effect on the greater good. He’s not there for a holiday or easy life. I want him to discover something.”

A Safe Landing

Emmanuel had one main request: “I hope to see Daenerys in Westeros. We’re heading there. I hope she makes it.”


“I’m hoping to see an epic sea battle,” Iwan Rheon declared. “I feel there’s one coming in the cards.” Kristian Nairn also predicted a battle, but between the White Walkers and Westeros. “In my opinion,” Nairn guessed, “the Walkers are going to steamroll the Lannisters, so there’s going to be a huge battle and they’re going to die. I can’t wait.”

Check out the first Season 7 production tease below and share what you’re hoping to happen in the comments section.