Immerse Yourself in a GoT Behind-the-Scenes Experience


In celebration of the release of Game of Thrones Season 6 on DVD and Blu-ray, HBO Home Entertainment is hosting an immersive, behind-the-scenes experience for fans in multiple cities. The tour kicked off at New York City’s Astor Place on November 18 and 19 and will head to Chicago and Los Angeles the following weeks.

Fans are able to visit the Temple of Dosh Khaleen, complete with Dothraki props and copies of scripts from Daenerys’ infamous temple-burning scene. To amp up the experience, guests may stand in for Dany and create a video of themselves acting as the Mother of Dragons in the fiery moment.

After wandering past an enormous version of the Westeros and Essos map, visitors may head to the North to worship a weirwood tree, examine a dragonglass spear, and take a picture doing their best to hold the door from attacking wights.

At the NYC event, Brand Ambassador Tyler Ankeman was willing to photograph anyone hoping to pose with the iconic weirwood from beyond the Wall. “People are very into it,” he commented. “They come in and say, ‘Oh my God, I love this,’ and it’s beautiful to see that with this show.”

Fans can train at Castle Black with a virtual reality experience that allows players to practice their archery and shield work. “It seems like some people have been practicing before, while others really can’t get anything,” shared VR experience assistant Galen Williams. Fans ducked and gasped during gameplay, Williams explained: “It’s a really immersive experience and everyone seems to love it.”


Once they’ve finished training, guests can walk through to the Battle of the Bastards tent and check out costumes and props from the epic episode, including Jon Snow’s cape, and battle map with markers. Dedicated fans can also participate in a green screen photo that makes them appear to be crawling out of the pile of bodies that amassed during the fight.

Appropriately, visitors can finish their journey by stepping up to have their photo taken while sitting upon the Iron Throne. Given the choice between crown or dragon, they are advised to pick wisely: time on the Throne may be short as a line of challengers are waiting.

Experience for yourself at these locations:

Grant Park, Chicago on Saturday & Sunday, November 26 and 27, 12:30 – 8 PM

Hollywood & Highland, Los Angeles on Saturday & Sunday, December 9 and 10, 12:30 – 8 PM