Maisie Williams and John Bradley Are Wowed by Brazilian Fans


“Just look. This is wild!” says actor Maisie Williams, known to many CCXP attendees as Arya Stark. Williams points out a window at a huge crowd of eager fans a floor below, screaming and waving. “I’ve never come to South America before. I’m on the other side of the planet, and here there are still people who know who I am and appreciate what I do. It’s just overwhelming.”

John Bradley, the actor behind Samwell Tarly, is equally impressed by the crowds and enthusiasm. “It’s my first time in South America at all. I knew the show was very popular here, and to experience it first-hand is so exciting, especially since we shoot the show in Europe, which feels kind of close to home for us. It’s amazing to be here with people who watch the show and are as invested in it and passionate about it as people back at home. It really gives you the indication of global reach.”

Hello, World!

Eager fans at CCXP had the chance to “pay their respects,” in an experiential activation designed as tribute to characters who have died. Both Bradley and Williams expressed that seeing a character go is incredibly emotional for them on a personal level. “Not only are you a fan of the show and you’re saying goodbye to a character whom you’re invested in,” explains Bradley, “You’re also mourning a colleague leaving since you won’t get to work with them anymore. So we have to grieve twice.” Williams shares this sentiment: “We always have a big party when it’s someone’s last day. It’s very emotional. It’s more emotional because they’re emotional,” she says. “You realize how much this show means to them. It makes you really grateful you’re still here.”

The fleeting nature of their colleagues’ experiences makes events like Brazil Comic Con all the more sweet for Williams and Bradley. “This is a great opportunity for fans to express their passion in a really safe and inclusive environment,” acknowledges Bradley. “We get to appreciate it all together. It’s really special.”