Overheard at New York Comic Con: Notable Quotes From GoT Cast and Fans


Jon Snow, Joffrey Baratheon and Khal Drogo were all spotted yesterday – thanks to some creative cosplay at New York Comic Con. Held at Manhattan’s Javits Center, #NYCC welcomed a huge contingent of GoT fans, and a panel featuring Natalie Dormer (Queen Margaery Tyrell), Finn Jones (Loras Tyrell), and Keisha Castle-Hughes (Obara Sand).

Below is a breakdown of the day’s most resonant lines.

“I’d love to be the Hound for a day.”

When asked to pick a character besides her own to play, Dormer selected Sandor Clegane. Her logic? “He's really happy being the bad guy with a good heart, so he’s the antithesis of Margaery, who’s doing all that smiling all the time.”

“I reckon Loras could probably try and turn Jon Snow gay.”

Jones confessed to wanting to most meet the former Lord Commander. “And I’d probably teach him a thing or two,” Jones added. Castle-Hughes chose her “favorite character” – Arya. Dormer picked out an old companion of Margaery’s: “I miss Sophie [Turner]. I miss Sansa. I think Margaery could have helped her sort out Ramsay,” Dormer said with a smile. “Drink this.”

“Maybe a woman will sit on the Iron Throne.”

Jones offered this line after a fan asked about the abundance of female storylines. “I think it’s a great testament to the show that it has a lot of really strong, good female characters,” said Jones. Dormer thought the trend extended to film as well: “I’ve started to notice a change in the female roles in scripts the past few years and I think shows like Game of Thrones are responsible for that,” said Dormer.

“The thing with the Tyrells is that you always look fabulous no matter what.”

“We may be in a sack, but we still look hot on set," said Jones about the Tyrell’s incarceration wardrobe. For Dormer, “It’s easier not being dolled up, because, especially as an actress, there is a pressure to look beautiful. When you’re just concentrating on the acting and character, it’s quite liberating.”

“Now none of us know what’s going to happen. It’s much more terrifying.”

Castle-Hughes explained what it means for the series to have caught up with the books. “It’s more interesting,” she added. “All the changes the show has made make for a more concise and impactful television show,” said Jones.

“There’s no limits or restrictions on content.”

A fan asked about the Game of Thrones Telltale Game, as the actors voice their own characters. “It’s such a fascinating technical art form,” said Dormer. Jones was also intrigued: “It’s the new way of storytelling as well. They give you full license for really gnarly story ideas.” 

“Now I can pick who is going to be king.”

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“Oh, there’s the Night King.”

Heads turned at the site of the ominous White Walker at the Dark Horse Comics booth. Couldn’t make it to NYC? Do some digital shopping.