Check Out the Season 1 #PrepareforWinter Trivia


Winter comes July 16. Get ready by playing along with the #PrepareforWinter trivia game.

Starting now, stream a season each week leading up to the Season 7 premiere. Season-specific, winter and northern-themed questions will be posted here on Making Game of Thrones every Monday to get you ready for the long night. Watch the show, discover the answers, and share them on Facebook and Twitter using #PrepareforWinter — correct responses could earn you recognition in the realm. Play every week to answer the greatest question of all: Do you have what it takes to be a Game of Thrones champion?

See how well you were able to #PrepareforWinter by clicking "Read More" and revealing the Season 1 answers.

Well done! You’ve completed the first week. Did you make it to the head of the pack, or were you more the runt of the litter? Before moving on to Season 2, reminisce with this Season 1 introduction to the Stark family:

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