Preparing for Winter: What Advice Would You Give Your Character?


The characters of Game of Thrones have come a long way since Season 1. Now that the long winter is approaching, here’s some advice the cast have for their characters in Season 7 from San Diego Comic-Con.

Finally on Top

Sophie Turner thinks Sansa will have to adjust to her newfound power. “Her whole life, she’s been a prisoner adapting to those situations,” says Turner. “Now she’s found herself in a position of power, she has no idea how to work with it; she’s used to being the underdog.”

Chasing the Truth

According to Nathalie Emmanuel, Missandei needs to step up: “This season is about Missandei taking control of her own destiny, especially when it comes to Grey Worm. She has questions and she needs to seek the answers.”

Information Overload

Once you have access to all the world’s history, it can be tricky to keep a good head on your shoulders. Actor Isaac Hempstead Wright’s advice to his character Bran is to try to keep things in perspective. “Bran has the entire history of the world in his head. That kind of pushes to a corner any sense of emotional uncertainty that could result in him doing something stupid or being a bit rash.”

Striking Out on Her Own

Always a woman of her word, Brienne of Tarth might do well to push the boundaries of the world around her. Gwendoline Christie explains, “This season Brienne has an awakening of independent thought. She has always been a knight who adhered to a strict moral code but now the world is no longer black and white; it inhabits a gray space that is causing her to judge individual situations.” Perhaps Brienne should follow her intuition and challenge the powers that be.

Staying Behind the Scenes

Liam Cunningham thinks Ser Davos should avoid power like the plague: “It’s an addictive drug, and a great creator of enormous levels of paranoia. That’s one of the reasons I love playing Davos, he has no attraction to power; he has attraction to doing the right thing.”

Gathering Confidence

If only Sam would realize how much he has to offer. Actor John Bradley shares: “There’s a lesson for Sam to take off even more layers of self doubt and low self-esteem, and discover that inside he’s a very strong and courageous person who’s got a lot to offer.”

Staying in the Present

Now that Grey Worm is traveling more, Jacob Anderson thinks he’ll need to learn to adapt. Anderson maintains, “He needs to learn how to fight in different climates, because it’s a lot colder [in Westeros]. But he’s got sleeves now! And also, to be more open because you never know when you’re going to lose somebody in this world.”

Reporting by Ashley Morton and Rachel Wanat